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Logo Design

Professional Logo Design

Beautiful designs that stand out from the crowd.

All good brands start with a great logo. Make sure you start off on the right foot with professional logo design.  Our designers have years of experience in designing high quality logos and branding and can achieve the right image for your company.

Our design process allows for the natural progression of concepts and ideas through to the refinement and rendering of your final chosen logo design.  Our finished logo designs are produced in vector based formats allowing for ultra-high quality resolutions and production on any media, at any size.


Our recommended Logo Design Package 

  1. Initial consultation to determine your likes and dislikes, suggested colourways, company name and tagline
  2. Creation of 3 original A4 design sheets from scratch consisting of approx. 20 initial design concepts
  3. Conversation to determine which of the initial concepts is most liked, recommend selecting 1 to 3 initial designs at this stage for further refinement
  4. Creation of 1 A4 sheet containing refinements based on your 1 to 3 logos previously selected above
  5. Conversation to determine which of the refined logos is liked most
  6. Final revision / tweaks to final logo design at this point if required
  7. Final rendering and provision of scaleable vector format logo file for high res print, plus high res JPEG and PNG files for screen and other media use

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Corporate Style Guides

Corporate Style Guides

Ensure accuracy and consistency across all your branding.

Make sure your branding is correctly represented wherever it is used with a Corporate Style Guide.  When you have strong branding you need to make sure that all suppliers and advertisers are using this in the right way, a branding guide helps to ensure third parties adhere to this.

We tailor your Corporate Style Guide according to your requirements, but this would usually contain logo placement guidelines, sizing and usage, colour pallet details and fonts and typography usage amongst other things.


Our recommended Style Guide Package 

  1. Initial consultation to determine what is to be included in the style guide, usually typeface requirements, logo specs and colourways are included
  2. Initial creation of style guide layout and design based on the requirements of each item above, design of style guide will fit with existing branding
  3. Conversation to determine if specifics of each graphical element are in line with company requirements
  4. Implementation of any changes or tweaks to the requirements of each element as discussed
  5. Final rendering of style guide and provision of a printed copy and a PDF copy

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Our corporate branding and logo design solutions can be provided as packages or can be tailored to your exact needs.  Simply select from the above recommended packages or if you prefer you can customise and request a quote for a bespoke solution, this way you receive exactly what you require and quality appropriate to your budget. Simply get together some thoughts on your requirements, get in touch and we will tailor a no obligation quote for you.