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Google Adwords Pay Per Click - PPC

Do you want your business to be top of Google...

Google Adwords is a service that gives you the opportunity to be top of Google almost instantly! 

How does Google Adwords work?... 

When you visit Google and perform a search you will see there are a few results shown at the top and the right of the page.  These are Google Adwords listings. 

The principle behind Google Adwords is you first set a budget, write your advert, then set a cost-per-click for a chosen set of keywords you want to target on Google.  When visitors search for your chosen keywords on Google your advert appears if your budget and cost-per-click are higher than that of your competitors.

How can we help your Google Adwords Campaign?

Vista Design's marketeers have over 5-years experience in setting up and managing Google Adwords campaigns for many companies around the world, with excellent results.

As specialists in the field we first work with you to identify keywords and key phrases to suit your target audience.  We then set up your Google Adwords campaign and manipulate your advert and key phrases to obtain the maximum number of clicks for your budget.  On a weekly basis we can then adjust your advert, your key phrases and your cost-per-click if required to ensure you are achieving the maximum number of clicks for your chosen budget.

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