Shared and Dedicated Hosting


Vista Design offer fast, reliable and secure web-hosting for businesses of all sizes.  Our servers offer up to 16 core (2 x 8 core) processors with 16 Gb RAM we are ideally suited for high-volume e-commerce websites or heavy-traffic websites.  Naturally we also have servers to suit websites with lower traffic.  These are based on quad-core processors with 6 Gb RAM and are ideal for those on a budget, offering lower-bandwidth transfer per month without compromising on support. Our hosting services are all actively managed, managed hosting is far superior and is not comparable with other commonplace cut price hosting accounts.

V1 Business Startup Hosting

Our Business Startup Hosting package which is based on our shared servers. This is the ideal package for a small start-up site or a reasonably low-traffic promotional website, yet still provides a reasonable amount of performance and of course excellent security.

V2 Business Enterprise Hosting

The Business Enterprise Hosting package is suited perfectly to run our VistaCMS product. This gives full-database support, additional bandwidth, additional disc-space and the latest software and security.

V3 E-commerce Hosting

A Vista Design semi-dedicated server will provide your site with a higher-level of security, speed and uptime.  You will have the capability to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a shared-hosting environment and is best suited to a higher-traffic website with fast connections to make your pages load more quickly and your customers browse your site faster.

V4 Dedicated Hosting:

Our dedicated-hosting solution is a package located on one of our dedicated servers. Dedicated servers offer far more performance as the contention ratio is far less, e.g. you are sharing the web server with very few other websites. We offer the V4 dedicated-hosting solution from a 1:1 ratio to 10:1 depending on the resources you will need. This ensures maximum performance from the requirements needed and price-point available.  Solo dedicated hosting is occasionally required when a site requires a huge amount of bandwidth or several thousand page load connections or requests simultaneously. This kind of solution is usually not required for even a very-large business, but if you need a hosting solution like this we can advise and construct this for you accordingly.  With our dedicated servers we can specify and tailor a solution to your exact requirements and can of course upgrade the solution in future if required.

Contact 01952 767020 or email for any queries you may have or any support for your server.

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