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Chorley Bottle Gas

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Overview Telford Shropshire


In the great outdoors, nothing brings people together quite like the warmth of a BBQ and the allure of camping. Recognizing this spirit, we embarked on a mission to create a digital platform for a leading BBQ and Camping Gas company, ensuring that their passion for outdoor adventures matched the digital world's vastness.

Our collaboration began with understanding the essence of the brand (and not just their incredible selection of premium BBQs) We aimed to evoke these sensory experiences through rich visuals, immersive designs, intuitive navigation, and most importantly the accessibility required by their customers. The website we created serves as a bridge, connecting enthusiasts to premium BBQ and camping gas products with ease.

Beyond aesthetics, functionality took centre stage. We integrated a robust product catalogue, seamless order functionalities, and an interactive product finder for users to locate the product they needed in the vastness of categories. Detailed product descriptions, safety guidelines, and user testimonials ensured that potential buyers felt informed and confident in their choices.

The Challenge Telford Shropshire

The Challenge

Crafting a digital presence for the BBQ and Camping Gas company wasn't without its unique set of challenges. The endeavour to merge the raw, organic nature of outdoor activities with the precision of digital design presented us with several key hurdles:

  • The biggest challenge was encapsulating the sensory-rich experiences of BBQ and camping, into a digital medium. Merging the warmth of the fire with the accessibility of a product-rich website. 
  • Chorley Bottle Gas offered a vast array of products, from pizza ovens to gas cylinders. Designing a platform that could effectively showcase & sell this diverse range without overwhelming the user was crucial. 
  • As most outdoor enthusiasts might access the site on-the-go, ensuring a seamless mobile experience, with quick loading times and clear product displays, was a challenge in itself.
  • Chorley Bottle Gas’s product & brand offering needed to be easily adaptable to seasonal and trend changes. That meant creating a website that could go from selling BBQ accessories to indoor fires in a matter of minutes.

Navigating these challenges demanded a blend of creativity, technical know-how, and a deep understanding of the brand's ethos and its audience's expectations.

What we provided Telford Shropshire

What we provided

The Solution Telford Shropshire

The Solution

Vista Design worked closely with Chorley Bottle Gas to get the right look and feel for the website prior to a large development with our popular eCommerce platform - VistaShop.

Search engine optimisation was a key part of the project so this was implemented at an early stage and has continued since to ensure Chorley Bottle Gas continue to move up the search engines and maintain the high search engine rankings.

The bespoke nature of the website enabled us to develop the 'out of the ordinary' delivery methods and charges could be performed by customers based on area.

Since the launch of the website, website development is frequent to keep the site up to date, sales growth has improved and online search engine rankings have continued to improve and stay at high rankings.

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