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Bespoke online ordering software that provides customers with an easy to use system that allows orders to be placed and processed seamlessly.

Overview Telford Shropshire


Fresh, quality catering. Straight to your door.

In the culinary realm, presentation pairs with taste to craft a memorable experience. Drawing inspiration from their ethos, we masterfully sculpted a digital platform for a leading Telford based catering company, blending aesthetic allure with functional elegance.

Our journey began by immersing ourselves in the brand's gastronomic world. We curated a design palette that was a feast for the eyes, integrating mouth-watering visuals of culinary creations with dynamic layouts that effortlessly guided users through the company's diverse menu offerings.

Beyond mere visuals, we emphasized user experience. Recognizing the time-sensitive nature of event planning, the website was engineered for swift navigation, allowing clients to quickly source service details, menu specifics, and booking information. An integrated event inquiry form streamlined the consultation process, ensuring potential clients could easily initiate their culinary collaborations.

Additionally, we incorporated client testimonials, image galleries of past events, and detailed chef profiles, offering a comprehensive insight into the brand's culinary prowess and commitment to excellence.

Challenge Telford Shropshire

The Challenge

Development of a unique, bespoke online ordering system

We were tasked with creating an ordering system that would be simple for the clients customers to use, but allowed enough flexibility for a high number of order pricing combinations.

So Foods 'Build a buffet' functionality has a complex pricing model behind the scenes, but pricing was required to be calculated in a flash by the software. This would have been extremely difficult to impossible on any 'off the shelf' system, but coding this from the ground up on a custom basis allowed for the precise requirements to be met.

A normal shopping basket would not have been sufficient for this project, as adding most items to the order effect the pricing and relative discounting of other items on the order.  

Services Telford Shropshire

What we provided

Solution Telford Shropshire

The Solution

The system that we developed results in a straightforward step ordering process, and also allows for one click 'on the fly' changes to order details with live pricing updates throughout the order. Customers can see all the items available at a glance, and can add and remove items and customise their buffet as they go. 

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