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Our web design journey with Viper Performance began by understanding its essence. Silicone hoses, though niche, serve a multitude of industries — automotive, medical, food processing, and more, and to cater to such a varied clientele, we needed to craft a website that's both visually captivating and functionally supreme. From high-resolution product imagery to detailed hose specifications, users are treated to a shopping experience that's transparent, engaging, and efficient, with a seamless checkout experience & page speed that doesn’t sway customers toward the vast number of competing companies.

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Creating a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform was just half the battle. To ensure continual engagement and drive repeat business, we also need to design a dynamic email marketing strategy. Tailored to the silicone hose audience, our email campaigns are a blend of product promotions, industry insights, and customer-centric narratives. With segmented lists, we ensure that each subscriber receives content that resonates with their needs and interests. Advanced analytics then allow us to refine our approach continually, optimizing for open rates, click-throughs, and conversions.

The Challenge

Creating an impactful digital presence for Viper Performance presented us with a unique set of challenges that demanded both creativity and technical acumen.

Silicone hoses, though specific in nature, cater to a broad range of industries. Grasping the technical nuances, applications, and diverse user expectations was our first hurdle. The challenge was to design a platform that resonated with everyone from auto enthusiasts to buying professionals.

Viper Performance with it’s extensive and varied inventory posed another challenge. Creating a system that could handle numerous product variations – sizes, diameters, applications – while still being user-friendly was a complex task, that required several rounds of revisions and hours of graphical development to ensure the site was not overwhelming.

In the bustling world of e-commerce, keeping visitors engaged and returning is always challenging. With a product as niche as silicone hoses, crafting compelling content that would not only educate but also entice was crucial. We were expecting minimal returning customers from the retail side, however, trade customers was an area with Viper Performance were keen to focus on, this added extra pressure to ensure we could not only acquire the customers but also keep them coming back.

Navigating these challenges demanded a mix of meticulous planning, agile development, and continuous collaboration with the client. Each hurdle, while daunting, provided Vista Design an opportunity to showcase its commitment to crafting unparalleled digital solutions.

What we provided Telford Shropshire

What we provided

The Solution

Facing a unique set of challenges, our team drew upon a blend of innovative thinking and technical proficiency to devise a suite of solutions that transformed the silicone hose e-commerce landscape:

The development of their site using the bespoke CMS allowed us to shape their site in greater detail while also allowing them to access the backend of their site in order to add to their blogs and news segment and change any content they wished for at will.

Since we have finished the site, development and SEO updates are still frequent in order to keep the site both up to date and ranked highly on Google rankings.

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